When to seek home care support?

There is often a lot of resistance and hesitation when arranging home care services. Many people don’t like admitting that they need help with daily activities, and family members don’t always know how to broach the subject. Unfortunately, this means that an elderly relative can go years without assistance since it can be several years from first witnessing the need for help. This can become burdensome for people in the family, who are not always well equipped to handle such needs and may not have the time to devote to home care. It’s important to be able to notice and acknowledge when it’s time to arrange home care services.

Noticing the Signs

Loved ones might notice missed doctor’s appointments or medications left untaken. You may have observed poor hygiene, household chores left undone, or pets or plants that aren’t tended to as well as they should be. All of these can be initial indicators that home care assistance could be beneficial. More severe signs may be distracted driving, difficulty remembering names, dates, or addresses, or safety and health concerns becoming more acute.

Although discussing home care might be uncomfortable or embarrassing, such assistance can help encourage a greater sense of independence, support with transportation and mobility, and ensure that health care needs are met promptly and with appropriate attentiveness and urgency. A single awkward conversation can be the first step to getting your loved one the help they need.
Part-time services are often all that are necessary. Home Care companies can often be the easiest approach, since they locate the carers, handle payroll and taxes, and perform all administrative work and conduct background checks. This is a relatively easy way to find qualified carers. Home care can be provided in the form of home help (with household chores) or personal care (such as help with taking medication, toileting or bathing) or both. It will ultimately be up to you to decide what’s best and to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met.