Providing high-quality care for your loved ones is a responsibility many of us take to heart. Valorum Care Group is committed to offering the best possible care and support to our residents, but we understand that the cost of care can be a significant concern for families. In this blog, we will explore various funding options available in the United Kingdom to help you ensure that your loved ones receive the care they deserve.

Local Authority Funding

Local authorities play a crucial role in providing financial support for elderly or working-age adults who require care services. The first step in accessing local authority funding is undergoing a needs assessment, which evaluates the level of care required. Based on the assessment, individuals may be eligible for financial assistance to cover the cost of care.

Means-tested funding, also known as social care funding, considers an individual’s income and assets. Those with limited financial resources are more likely to receive funding support. However, local authority funding may not cover the full cost of care at a Valorum Care Home, and individuals may be required to contribute a portion of their income towards their care.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a funding option for individuals with complex medical needs who require ongoing care. It is not income-based and is available to those who meet the eligibility criteria. This funding covers the total cost of care, including accommodation, at a Valorum Care Home.

To access NHS Continuing Healthcare, individuals must undergo a comprehensive assessment conducted by healthcare professionals. The assessment evaluates the individual’s medical needs, and if they are deemed eligible, the NHS will fund their care. It’s essential to seek advice and guidance from healthcare professionals to determine eligibility and navigate the application process effectively.


Self-funding is an option for those with the financial means to cover the cost of care at a Valorum Care Home without relying on external funding sources. Many individuals choose this option if they have savings, investments, or property that can be used to pay for their care.

Choosing self-funding gives individuals greater flexibility and control over their care arrangements. They can choose the care home they prefer, such as a Valorum Care Home, and tailor their care plan to meet their needs and preferences. It’s essential to plan and budget carefully when opting for self-funding to ensure that funds are available for long-term care.

Pension and Annuity Income

Many elderly individuals rely on pension income as a significant funding source for their care needs. The state pension, private pensions, and annuities can provide a stable source of income to cover the cost of care at a Valorum Care Home.

Individuals receiving pension income can explore various options to maximise their financial resources. This may include assessing whether they are eligible for additional benefits or seeking advice from financial advisors to optimize their pension income for care expenses.

Equity Release

Equity release is a financial product that allows homeowners to access the equity tied up in their property without selling it. This option can provide a lump sum or regular income, which can be used to fund care expenses, such as those incurred at a Valorum Care Home.

Various equity release schemes are available, including lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans. Each has its advantages and considerations, so seeking professional financial advice before proceeding with equity release is essential to understand the implications and potential impact on inheritance.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is designed to cover the cost of care services, including those provided by care homes like Valorum. Individuals can purchase this insurance to provide financial protection if they require long-term care in the future.

Long-term care insurance policies can vary significantly in coverage and cost, so it’s crucial to research and compare options carefully. Premiums may be based on factors such as age, health, and the desired level of coverage. It’s advisable to consult with insurance experts and financial advisors to determine the most suitable policy for individual needs.

Charitable Assistance

In some cases, charitable organisations may offer financial support to individuals in need of care, particularly when other funding options are limited. Charities dedicated to elderly care may provide grants or assistance to help cover the cost of care at a Valorum Care Home.

Researching and contacting relevant charities in the local area or nationally can be a valuable step in exploring charitable assistance options. Keep in mind that eligibility criteria and available support may vary among different charities.


Ensuring that your loved ones receive the best possible care at a Valorum Care Home is a top priority, and various funding options are available to help make this a reality. From local authority funding and NHS Continuing Healthcare to self-funding, pension income, and equity release, exploring the options best suits your circumstances is essential.

Navigating the complexities of funding for care can be challenging, so it is highly recommended that you seek professional advice and guidance. Financial advisors, healthcare professionals, and legal experts can provide invaluable assistance in understanding eligibility criteria, application processes, and the financial implications of different funding options.

At Valorum Care Group, we provide exceptional care and support for our residents. We understand the importance of making informed decisions about funding options to ensure your loved ones receive the care they deserve. Whatever path you choose, we are here to assist and support you in securing the best care for your loved ones when needed.

We invite you to contact us for a personalised assessment and to discuss your specific needs and preferences. Our caring and experienced team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you and your loved one have peace of mind in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest standard of care at a Valorum Care Home.

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