The Need for Care Homes and Supported Living Facilities in Leeds

Leeds, a vibrant city in West Yorkshire, has a growing elderly population that necessitates a comprehensive and compassionate approach to care. As of 2021, Leeds had an estimated population of around 800,000, with over 15% aged 65 and above. This demographic shift highlights an increasing demand for care homes and supported living facilities, driven by age-related conditions like dementia, brain injury, cancer, and various disabilities.

Dementia, for instance, affects approximately 7,000 individuals in Leeds, while physical disabilities and chronic illnesses add to the need for specialised care. With advancements in healthcare, people are living longer, but many require support to maintain their quality of life. Therefore, it is imperative to have diverse care options that cater to different needs, ensuring that every individual receives appropriate and respectful care.

Care home support in Leeds

Options for Care Homes and Supported Living Facilities in Leeds

Leeds offers a variety of care options tailored to the specific needs of its elderly and disabled population. These options include:

  • Residential Care Homes: These facilities provide round-the-clock care for those who can no longer live independently. Residents receive assistance with daily activities, medical care, and social interaction, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Supported Living: Supported living services offer a balance between independence and support. Individuals live in their own homes but receive help with daily tasks and healthcare management. This option is ideal for those who need some assistance but prefer to maintain a degree of independence.
  • Respite Care: This type of care is designed to give primary carers a break. It can be arranged for a few hours, days, or even weeks, providing carers the opportunity to rest while their loved ones are cared for in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Day Treatment: Day treatment centres offer daytime support and activities for elderly individuals. These centres provide medical care, therapy, and social activities, allowing participants to return home in the evening. This option supports both the individuals and their carers by providing daytime engagement and care.

Valorum Care Group Facilities in Leeds

Valorum Care Group is a prominent provider of care facilities in Leeds, dedicated to offering high-quality services to the elderly and those with disabilities. Their facilities are known for their compassionate approach, personalised care plans, and a wide range of services tailored to individual needs. Some of their key facilities in Leeds include:

Champion House Nursing Care Home

Champion House Nursing Care Home specialise in supporting people who have varying needs as a result of physical and long-term neurological conditions including Cerebral palsy, Bain injury, Huntington’s disease, Motor neurone disease, Multiple sclerosis, Muscular dystrophy, Spina bifida & hydrocephalus and Stroke.

Champion House

Oakhaven Residential Care House

Oakhaven is a delightfully friendly residential care home for adults. We are located near Roundhay Park in the green and pleasant residential area of Oakwood, Leeds.

Oakhaven Residential Care Home

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How Valorum Care Group Facilities Make a Difference in Leeds

Valorum Care Group’s facilities make a significant difference in Leeds through their commitment to high standards of care, personalised services, and a holistic approach to well-being. They focus on:

  • Person-Centred Care: Each resident receives a personalised care plan that addresses their unique needs, preferences, and health conditions. This ensures that individuals receive the most effective and respectful care possible.
  • Skilled and Compassionate Staff: Valorum Care Group employs highly trained and dedicated staff who are passionate about providing excellent care. Their commitment to continuous training ensures they are equipped to handle various conditions and provide the best possible support.
  • Comprehensive Services: From medical care to social activities, Valorum Care Group facilities offer a wide range of services that cater to the holistic needs of their residents. This approach enhances the quality of life for individuals and promotes overall well-being.
  • Community Engagement: Valorum Care Group emphasises the importance of social interaction and community involvement. Their facilities organise events and activities that encourage residents to engage with each other and the wider community, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Other Elderly Support Groups in Leeds

In addition to Valorum Care Group, there are several other organisations in Leeds dedicated to supporting the elderly population:

Age UK Leeds

This charity offers a range of services, including information and advice, befriending schemes, and social activities. Their aim is to support the elderly in leading fulfilling and independent lives.

  • Address: Bradbury Building, Mark Lane, Leeds, LS2 8JA
  • Phone: 0113 389 3000 / 0113 389 3010
  • Email:
  • Website:

Leeds Older People’s Forum

This organisation advocates for the rights and well-being of older people in Leeds. They work with various partners to ensure that the voices of the elderly are heard and their needs met.

  • Address: Joseph’s Well, Suite C24, Hanover Walk, Leeds, LS3 1AB
  • Phone: 0113 244 1697
  • Email:
  • Website:

Carers Leeds

Supporting carers in Leeds, this organisation provides advice, information, and emotional support to those caring for elderly relatives. They also offer respite care services, allowing carers to take necessary breaks.

  • Address: 6-8 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6PT
  • Phone: 0113 380 4300
  • Email:
  • Website:

Alzheimer’s Society Leeds

Focused on supporting those affected by dementia, this organisation provides information, support groups, and advocacy services. They work to improve the lives of those with dementia and their carers.

  • Address: Suite 17, Hillside Building, Beeston Road, Leeds, LS11 8ND
  • Phone: 0113 231 1727
  • Email:
  • Website:

Elderly Statistics in Leeds

Understanding the demographic and health statistics of the elderly population in Leeds is crucial for effective care planning and service provision. Key statistics include:

  • Population: Over 120,000 people aged 65 and above live in Leeds, making up about 15% of the city’s total population.
  • Dementia: Approximately 7,000 individuals in Leeds are living with dementia, a number expected to rise as the population ages.
  • Disabilities: Around 25% of the elderly population in Leeds has a disability that affects their daily life. This includes mobility issues, sensory impairments, and chronic health conditions.
  • Cancer: Cancer is prevalent among the elderly, with higher incidence rates in those aged 65 and above. Early detection and treatment are essential for improving outcomes.
  • Brain Injury: While less common, brain injuries can significantly impact the elderly, requiring specialised care and rehabilitation services.

Why Choose Care Homes and Supported Living Facilities in Leeds?

Choosing care homes and supported living facilities in Leeds offers numerous advantages, ensuring that elderly individuals receive the best possible care in a supportive environment. Key reasons to choose these facilities include:

  • Comprehensive Care: Facilities in Leeds provide a wide range of services, from medical care to social activities, ensuring that all aspects of an individual’s well-being are addressed.
  • Professional Staff: Care homes and supported living facilities in Leeds employ skilled and compassionate staff who are dedicated to providing high-quality care. Continuous training ensures they are up-to-date with the latest care practices.
  • Community and Social Engagement: Facilities in Leeds emphasise the importance of social interaction and community involvement, organising activities and events that promote social engagement and reduce isolation.
  • Personalised Care Plans: Each resident receives a personalised care plan tailored to their unique needs and preferences. This ensures that care is effective and respectful, enhancing the quality of life.
  • Support for Carers: Facilities in Leeds also offer support for carers, providing respite care and resources to help them manage their caregiving responsibilities.
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The need for care homes and supported living facilities in Leeds is clear, driven by a growing elderly population and the prevalence of age-related conditions. Valorum Care Group, along with other support organisations, plays a crucial role in providing high-quality care and enhancing the quality of life for the elderly in Leeds. With a range of care options available, from residential care homes to supported living and day treatment, Leeds ensures that its elderly population receives the support they need to live fulfilling and dignified lives.