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Burger Court in Bradford is a 17-bed residential home for people with a diagnosis of mental health/learning disability conditions. Most people we care for are working age.

Residents are often referred to us with a history of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, personality disorder, depression, bipolar disorder or complex trauma.

Some of our residents also have additional diagnoses, such as Korsakoff’s or Huntington’s disease, with psychosis and physical conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes.

We may be able to support residents if they are engaged with alcohol or other substance recovery services, and sometimes, we take in people with a forensic background. Still, we are not a specialist forensic service.


  • Activity room
  • Spacious garden
  • TV lounge
  • Internet/WiFi
  • Dining room
  • 24/7 care
  • Onsite kitchen


  • Disabled Parking
  • Disabled Toilet
  • Ramp Access



Burger Court is a large Victorian house over 4 floors, specifically adapted to provide an appropriate and safe environment for the people we support in a relaxed and chilled atmosphere.

We also have two self-contained flats with a lounge, bedroom and bathroom, where we can safely manage the step-down process into independent living.

Burger Court’s large communal lounge area is lovely, bright and spacious, with two bay windows. There is a large kitchen, and a smaller kitchen and diner area where residents can practice daily living skills and socialise. The bedrooms are bright and homely. Residents can also use a well-equipped activities room, pool table and computers.

The garden wraps around the house, allowing us to enjoy gardening. This year, we have plans to build bright, colourful decking in the garden, which can be used as a beach bistro in our backyard. Residents enjoy gardening activities and designed the home’s rockery garden.

A tranquil area with garden furniture allows one to sit back and relax. To remember those the care sector lost through COVID-19, we purchased a bench where residents can enjoy peace, reflection or calm.

Situated close to Bradford City Centre, we are within walking distance of bus routes, train stations, shops, and other leisure facilities.


We can admit men and women on short- and long-term placements. Many can move to the next step in their care pathway within 2 years of admission.

We work closely with the local mental health teams and hospitals. Our residents may come here as part of their care pathway from the hospital back into the community. We also take care of people who may have lived in independent and assisted living and who need additional support with their mental health and activities of daily life.

Some of our residents have spent considerable time in hospitals, and we enjoy seeing them grow in their independence and confidence, empowered to make choices on their own.

Our expert team is dedicated to creating a fulfilling life for the residents and a bright future for them. The rapport and the relationship we build empower them to develop their skills, and we cheer them on when they lose confidence or motivation, helping them manage their anxiety, emotions and well-being.


Activities are planned with each resident, giving them a structure to their day, a way to contribute meaningfully and take an active part in daily life. We often introduce our residents to new ventures outside the home so they have the skills and confidence when they are ready to step down from Burger Court.

Therapeutic engagement

We aim to break the cycle of hospital readmissions.

Empowerment, progression and independence are the focus of our therapeutic plan. We work with residents to build on their daily living skills so they can live independently or with minimal support in the community. Together, we develop their ability to plan, budget, cook and care for their physical and mental well-being and their environment.

A strong community spirit is important so everyone feels at home and can enjoy life fully. Food and group celebrations are much loved by everyone who lives and works at Burger Court. We come together as a family for birthdays, Christmas and Easter. Last year, we travelled the world – virtually – and held a night learning more about the culture and food of different countries, finishing with the great British favourite of fish and chips.

Social activities enable us to engage with our residents informally, giving them lively opportunities to plan, budget, cook and be involved in their communities.

Residents learn to identify and manage their triggers to avoid relapse. Where required, we can put additional services such as psychology in place.

Our team

We have several very experienced staff and people who recently joined us from different walks of life. Every one of our staff members brings a different kind of experience, and the residents have strong role models within a supportive environment.

Community engagement

Our residents can take part in community activities, volunteer or find work locally where possible.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

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